Protection does not impose limits on design; lines and stylistic elements are form following function. Dainese garments are created from fabrics, shapes, and protective systems. Stitches that stand proud, converging or running parallel to become decorative features. Rigid shock-absorbing shells that express a powerful life of their own. Dainese is a language that is clearly visible through the materials used in every garment. Protection is the goal, with good looks the consequence.

To learn more about the materials used, read on below.​

Dainese cowhide and kangaroo leather


The Custom Works program offers garments in both cowhide and kangaroo. For cowhide, we have a base leather (called TuTu) and a more soft and supple and stronger leather we call D|Skin 2.0. All three of these leather types are offered in all the colors that can be found in the current Dainese Motorbike Collection.

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bi-axial and tri-axial stretch


The Custom Works program utilizes the same innovations and technology found on every Dainese garment. These include bi-axial and tri-axial stretch in leather, micro-elastic technology (patented), both S-1 and S-2 fabric, and Kevlar fabric. Add-ons cannot be placed over these areas since they will hinder the ability of the material to perform its function.​

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knee or elbow sliders


The Custom Works program allows you to choose the colors of the knee or elbow sliders shipped with your project. We offer 11 colors for each knee slider style, and 9 colors for each elbow slider style.

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Custom metal plates


The Custom Works program allows you to choose the colors of the metal plates. Some garments have metal plates on shoulders only, some on shoulders and elbows, and on our top-level race suits, on all six ‘corners’ – shoulders, elbows, and knees. The shoulder plates offer additional customization in the form of national flags for certain countries, and the ability to add imagery directly to the plate!

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