SPECIALE by Dainese Custom Works is the exclusive Custom Works service that gives you full rein to create your own fully personalized Dainese leather garment. With no limits in terms of creativity, the possibilities are endless. Starting with a blank canvas, our team of dedicated designers and craftspeople will help you bring your dream to life, creating your own fully tailor-made Dainese garment, free from all standard ready-to-wear restrictions.

A truly unique experience, during which you will have a one-on-one relationship with Dainese whilst you create your vision and get measured by the top tailors in Dainese.

The best of Custom Works, exceeding all your expectations.

To learn more about each step of this journey, read below.

Custom Works - Bespoke service


For the ultimate Custom Works experience and to fully express your individuality, we offer a fully bespoke service through the Custom Works program.

One of our consultants will work with you to design a truly unique garment that can be fully customized utilizing our templates on Adobe Illustrator. From thread colors to panel design to direct prints, the choice is yours. Join our brand ambassadors and celebrities and others from around the world and express yourself with this truly unique experience.

How does it work?

In this Fully Bespoke service, we work with you one-on-one every step of the way to design something incredibly unique. We also offer the option to be measured at your own home, office or at our own Dainese facilities in Italy, the choice is yours.​ By appointment only.

Our Custom Works Fully Bespoke service can be experienced in one of three ways:​

Join us at a Custom Works Event


Join us at a Custom Works Event. During the event, a member of the Dainese Custom Works Team will be in attendance to talk you through the service.

The Bespoke service would be offered directly through the specific store but may continue past the timeframe of the event itself, as extra time is often needed to complete a bespoke design. If required, this is done remotely via digital correspondence.​​

A suit tailored to your body


Work directly with the Dainese Custom Works Team and everything will be arranged and handled at the location of your choice.

Special garments for racers


For those with a racing licence participating in championships we offer special packages, garments and can work with you to organise a seasonal race package with your race team and sponsors.

Please note this is for pure racers only through specialist channels, contact us for more information.

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The Dainese Custom Works Experience

For full immersion in the Dainese World, we offer a full day spent with us at our facilities in Northern Italy through what we call The Dainese Custom Works Experience. The day spent with us starts in Vicenza, the location of our offices, showroom, warehouse and Dainese Archivio and store, and then switches to Colceresa, the location of the Custom Works Team, the factory, and our R&D facility. Colceresa is about 45 minutes from Vicenza, so lunch will be enjoyed along the way in Marostica. After the day ends in Colceresa, dinner will be enjoyed in Bassano del Grappa.

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The only thing better than a Dainese, is your Dainese.
Designed by your dreams.