As proud inventor of colorful leather motorcycle gear, we have been fine tuning the balance between ergonomics and safety for fifty years, in order to protect the rider and leave them free to unleash their full potential. Style and protection built around the rider: That is what a Dainese garment has embodied since 1972. With the Dainese Custom Works program, you can have your Dainese leather garment perfectly tailored to suit you and your body, whilst benefiting from a vast range of colors and customizable features.

To learn more about each step of this journey, read below.

Design your garment and have a tailored fit


A unique service that allows you to design your garment and have a tailored fit. Choose from a select range of products and create a personal garment that matches your style, your bike, and your personality. You can also add patches, logos, names and numbers to enhance the style and look.​

Use the configurator to start your experience, then visit a Dainese store or one of our many Certified Centers to fine tune the design and have your measurements taken.

Other than our Fully Bespoke Experience, this is the ultimate Custom Works option since your garment is designed in the configurator to your individuality and produced to your body’s dimensions, offering you maximum comfort, ergonomics and safety through fit and mobility.

How does it work?

Custom Color & Fit garments can only be purchased directly from one of our Dainese Stores, or from one of many Custom Works Certified Centers around the world. In each center there is at least one trained consultant available to measure you and send those measurements to the Custom Works Team in Italy for 3D modeling. The Custom COLOR & FIT experience is a two-step journey.​


  • Select the garment offered from the Custom Works ‘range’, followed by a choice of perforated or non-perforated leather. ​

  • Choose the colors for each leather panel, colors for the shoulder, elbow and knee plates (if available for the selected garment) and colors for the sliders (if available).

  • Add logos, imagery, text or numbers that you can place in pre-determined areas on the garment.

  • Save your design and select your nearest store from inside the configurator and request an appointment.


  • The second part of the journey involves going to a Dainese store or Certified Center for an interview and measuring session.​ It is necessary to bring all of your current protection (chest, back, etc.) and your boots.​

  • The appointment will begin with an interview discussing such things as riding style, protection worn and/or desired, and previous or existing injuries Dainese needs to be aware of.

  • The appointment continues with a trained Custom Works expert taking 25 measurements while you wear a tight-fitting base layer (in complete privacy).

  • The last part of the measuring session involves the taking of some photos while in the tight-fitting base layer, which helps our modelists to understand your unique shape.​ These measurements and photos will allow the Custom Works Team in Italy to 3D model the garment to your own proportions, and your riding style.​

What happens next?

  • A non-refundable deposit is required at this point. This amount can vary depending upon the final cost of the item, and the policies of the individual retail location. Normally 30% of the final cost of the item is requested.​

  • The store will then submit the order to Italy.​​ The Custom Works Team will review the submitted measurements and documentation, confirm the order is viable, or request further information.​

  • Once the order is confirmed your garment moves into 3D modelling before entering final production. At this point no further changes to the design can be made.​​ In most cases we ship all custom color garments in 6 to 8 weeks from the above point.​

Please note this Custom Color & Fit service is only available through Dainese stores and Custom Works Certified Centers.

If you have any questions, contact us

Custom Fit & Color

Custom Fit & Color

Please use a tablet or desktop to enjoy the experience.

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