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Dainese protective gear is made to face every condition and situation, giving the skier the confidence to excel on the slopes, enjoying safely.


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(10 results)
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Advanced Protection with Dainese Ski Back Protectors

For skiers seeking the confidence needed to excel and enjoy their time on the slopes safely, Dainese has developed a wide range of ski back protectors designed to offer uncompromised protection and freedom of movement. You can find ski back protectors with adjustable straps and belts, pocket ski back protectors, and safety vests with integrated back protection.

Comfort and Lightness with Woman and Man Ski Back Protection

The Dainese man and woman ski back protection and man ski back protection stand out for their utmost lightness, which does not burden the skier, and for a design that prioritizes ergonomics and ventilation, key factors in maintaining maximum comfort even on the most demanding days on the slopes.

Choosing a Dainese ski back protector means relying on a leading brand in winter safety, which has always been committed to providing high-quality equipment to ensure protection and comfort on every descent. Hit the slopes with style, safety, and the assurance of being optimally protected with Dainese ski back protectors.