Valentino Rossi


Nickname: The Doctor

Nationality: Italian

Date of birth: 16th february 1979

Profession: Motorbike racer


Born on February 16, 1979, Valentino Rossi lives in Tavullia, in the province of Pesaro.
The year 2021 marks his twenty-sixth season. Enjoying the longest streak on record in the history of motorcycling, he has won titles in four classes, second only to the legend that is Giacomo Agostini. He has raced with Aprilia, Honda, Ducati, and notably Yamaha. A desire to win and his passion are what drive him forward.
Of his many achievements, the greatest was perhaps his unwavering success following his decision in 2004 to turn his back on the best motorcycle on the grid. An absolute master stroke.

Career milestones

1997 125cc World Champion

1999 250cc World Champion

2001 500cc World Champion

2002 MotoGP World Champion

2003 MotoGP World Champion

2004 MotoGP World Champion

2005 MotoGP World Champion

2008 MotoGP World Champion

2009 MotoGP World Champion