Thomas Chareyre


Nickname: Tom

Nationality: French

Date of birth: 18th march 1988

Profession: Motorbike racer


Monsieur Supermoto himself, Tom is the discipline’s most successful contender of all time, the holder of eight world championship titles and countless victories.
One of the first specialists to be born a supermoto rider, Thomas became passionate about the discipline from an early age, admiring the drifting of fellow countryman and world champion Boris Chambon. Thomas spends most of his free time riding motorcycles, whether it’s enduro, speed or trial. He is a great fan of flat track, a discipline that is conceptually similar to supermoto, and has recently built a clay track at his property that he uses for training. His strength lies in his modesty and, despite his titles, he remains grounded, demonstrating the same humility as those who haven’t won anything. An example? He is sure that, had he not been a professional rider, he would now be a pizza chef.

Career milestones

2010 Supermoto World Champion

2012 Supermoto World Champion

2014 Supermoto World Champion

2015 Supermoto World Champion

2016 Supermoto World Champion

2017 Supermoto World Champion

2019 Supermoto World Champion

2020 Supermoto World Champion