Matthias Mayer


Nickname: Mothl

Nationality: Austrian

Date of birth: 9th June 1990

Profession: Skier


Born on June 9, 1990 in Afritz am See, Austria, Matthias Mayer’s nickname is Mothl. He still has his first pair of skis. The day he got them was pure happiness.
Influenced by his family, he loves the physical exertion before a race and the relief after the finish, but also watching the sunrise when training early in the morning on the glacier. His goal is to win the downhill world cup. In the meantime, he took gold at the 2014 Olympics, and a second Olympic gold in the 2018 super-G. He likes mountain biking and tennis, loves walking in the mountains, listens to Red Hot Chili Peppers to get pumped up and Coldplay to relax, and he admires Roger Federer.

Career milestones

2014 Downhill Olympic Champion

2018 Super G Olympic Champion

2022 Super-G Olympic Winner