James Hillier


Nickname: Jimbo

Nationality: British

Date of birth: 17th March 1985

Profession: Road racer


James Hillier was born on March 17, 1985, and lives in Ringwood, in Hampshire, England, with his wife and three children. In his own words, he loves motorcycling “...because it’s freedom and speed.” For the same reason, he also loves trials, motocross, Enduro, roadracing, all of it. He also really likes barbecuing. Called Jimbo, at the age of four he was running and jumping around on a bike. He was supposed to become a racing motorcycle mechanic. His dream is to ride around the world, on his motorcycle, of course. He made his TT debut in 2008, won Lightweight in 2013, and made it to the podium thirteen times. Joey Dunlop is the person who most influenced him. He also works as a professional riding model, and he manages an online motorcycle accessory store. One of his virtues? He’s polite, but says his height (1.83 m at 80 kg, or, 6” at 176 lbs) is one of his flaws.

Career milestones

2013 Lightweight TT Winner