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We make safety together.
To always protect who rely on Dainese for their protection, our shops re-open the doors ensuring a safe environment. The store is frequently clean and sanitized; hygienic gel is available for customers and changing room are sanitized after every use.
We provide always brand new under-helmet and under-suit to try suits and helmets. Every time helmets and garments are tried on, they are sanitized, also with our ozone machine (where available). We kindly ask to our clients to respect the rules – that are displayed at the entrance of our stores, for their safety and the safety of our staff.

Dainese Store Corbeil-Essonnes is the Paris area’s go-to choice for top-line Italian motorcycle accessories.

Located in Corbeil-Essonnes, we are 35km south of Paris and 17km from the Orly Airport, in a convenient shopping location. The store is a reference point for all sorts of motorcyclists in the area, and we are the only Dainese outlet within 20km.

We have a large parking area to accommodate both cars and motorcycles. We are also staffed with motorcycle enthusiasts, so you can be sure that you’ll get a knowledgeable answer to your motorcycle questions. Valery and Liza are both riders.

There are a number of unique offerings that set our store apart. We offer a helmet cleaning service, and we have a rack where we can store helmets as customers walk into the store.

Dainese Store Corbeil-Essonnes is invested in the local motorcycle community and have several events organized throughout the year. Twice a year we have large motorcycle events with partner stores that include trials, clubs, and food trucks. We participate in Security Days, and once a year Dainese brings in a driver or a truck.

We also participate in several motorcycle shows, and do a once a year motorcycle ride with guests. All of our events are organized during prime riding weather from March through October.


5, Rue Jacques Anquetil

Z.A. Coquibus


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Helmet sanitization

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