At 20 years of age, Lino Dainese and some friends went to London on a Vespa. It was then that he saw "ton up bikes" whose riders wore the first sets of leathers. Back in Italy, he decided to dedicate himself to designing and manufacturing protection for motorbike riders.


The ideas take shape

The first drafts of the company logo were designed. The first logo featured a speed demon as a symbol of dynamism and rebellion.


The first product

Dainese was founded in Molvena (Vicenza), Italy. The first article Dainese produced was a pair of motocross trousers.


Collaboration with riders

Dainese introduces new cutting techniques for articles in cowhide with elastic inserts for improved comfort. It was also the year in which technical sponsorship took off for the first time. Dieter Braun became the first Dainese rider in the World Championship Series.


The first Back Protector in history

The collaboration with Barry Sheene led to the creation of the first back protector designed by Marc Sadler.


The introduction of knee sliders

The style of riding was changing. Riders leaned their bikes more and more, trailing their knees on the track. Dainese tested the first knee sliders with the leading rider, Kenny Roberts. The first products were known as “porcupines” because of the soft cylinders that protruded from a special base (applied to the suit’s knee) when the leg was bent.


The suit becomes an integrated protection system

With the participation of 5-time champion Toni Mang, racing suit ergonomics were revolutionised. Until then, all such suits had been manufactured with the rider's upright stance used as the baseline. Dainese decided to design suits that matched the rider's shape when in the saddle. This radically improved both the comfort and the efficiency of the protection provided during races.


Composite protection

The concept of composite protection takes off. This protector has a soft base and a rigid shell that allows it to absorb and dispel the force of an impact.


The evolution of knee sliders

The knee sliders evolve into a rounder shape to reduce friction with the track surface.


The effectiveness of Back Protectors

Freddie Spencer successfully tested the first dainese Back Protector known as Aragosta (lobster) in a fall at the Kyalami track in South Africa where he hit the dangerous curb stones during test laps.


Protection for everyone

Back Protectors, which up to that time were used only on the track, became available to the general public.


The mobile clinic around the world

Collaboration began with doctor costa's mobile clinic.


Aerodynamic hump

Dainese introduced a brand new concept for professional racing suits: the aerodynamic hump.


Protected hands

Dainese began making gloves.


Sliders for foot protection

The first metal sliders for boots appeared.


Fourth generation knee sliders

Knee sliders evolved further to reach their present shape.



The Dainese Technology Centre (D-TEC®) is created, an R&D technical centre for the study of protective technology and the development of products for the market.


No Impact

The No Impact division was formed to bring Dainese know-how to other sports: mtb, snowboarding and alpine skiing.


Back Protectors for skiers too

Kristian Ghedina, Deborah Compagnoni and the Valanga Azzurra team used Dainese protective gear for the first time in the world cup. This also marked the introduction of the back protector in the world of winter sports.


From head to toe

The year 1994 saw the arrival of ergon, the innovative dainese helmet made from composite fibre.


Max Biaggi and the new hand protectors

Max Biaggi won his second 250cc world title and tested prototypes of Full Pro Gloves, the first gloves to use carbon fibre and aramid fiber to protect the knuckles and the back of the hands.


Mtb competitions

Dainese was increasingly popular in mountain biking and became the byword for protection. Dainese provided champions Shaun Palmer, Anne-Caroline chausson and cedric gracia with its protection systems.
Nicolas Vouilloz became World Downhill Champion for the seventh time and entered the mountain biking history books together with Dainese.


Compasso d'Oro

The T-Age suit revolutionised both comfort and protection for motorcyclists. It was the first (and only) leather suit to win the prestigious Compasso d’Oro ADI, (Adi Golden Compass award), one of the most coveted international prizes in design.


D-air® is created

Dainese developed the prototype of the D-air® airbag for motorcyclists, together with the israeli firm Merhav App, and introduced it in Munich.


On the heads of champions skiers

The first Dainese Ski helmet, developed with the assistance of the multiple title winner Lasse Kjus, appeared in the world championship series.


The evolution of boots

New boots featuring the patented D-Axial system were created. These boots feature a special carbon fibre inner shoe which limit the twisting motion of the ankle.


Mobile research

D-Mobile is created. This mobile research structure is an extension of the R&D department that visits race tracks around the world to identify and test the latest technological innovations.


4th generation Back Protector

Wave was introduced as the 4th generation Back Protector with a revolutionary ventilation system.


Advanced logistics

Construction on the new fully automated warehouse began in west Vicenza.


Safety partner on the slopes

Dainese became the “Safety Partner” of the Italian National Ski team and D-Mobile provided assistance to skiers in the alpine skiing world championship races.


Sparks of passion

Special helmets and suits were created by the Dainese R&D department for the “Sparks of Passion” event in which ice skaters played a key role in the magnificent choreography staged for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 20th Winter Olympic Games in Turin.


AGV back in italian hands

Dainese and AGV combined their efforts to provide the best possible head-to-toe protection for motorcyclists.


D-air® racing

During the Valencia Grand Prix, the Dainese R&D Department introduced D-air® racing in full active form. During a practice session, a fall by Simone Grotzky saw the first airbag deployment.



The “I Dainese Me” campaign is launched with Valentino Rossi and Carolina Kostner presenting the Dainese brand values to the public.



Open Day: more than 1300 fans attended the west Vicenza event to celebrate the company's 35th anniversary.


VALE for president

Lino Dainese, the founder and former president of Dainese S.P.A., named Valentino Rossi honorary president of AGV, the historical italian helmet company that Dainese took over in 2007.


Dainese and AGV win with Rossi for the ninth time

Valentino Rossi wins his ninth world title, his seventh in MotoGP™. A motorcycling legend written with the safety of Dainese and AGV protection.


New graphics language

Dainese presented the tattoo suit for the 2009 season. This suit spoke a new language of ancient symbols and of warrior values from times long gone.


Protection on display

Dainese presented the à toute épreuve exhibition at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris. The exhibition told the story of protection for men from its very origins to the most innovative technologies.


D-air® racing meets the public

The first D-air® racing suits become available to the public.


In the saddle

Following their success in the worlds of motorbikes, mountain bikes and skiing, Dainese decided to accept a new challenge and to bring the concept of safety to horse riding.


The Beta International Award

The Dainese equestrian line was awarded a prize in the safety & security category by Beta International, the international event leader for the equestrian trade.


Ski Safely

Dainese signed a three-year collaboration agreement with Fischer to introduce equipment aimed at significantly increasing safety on the ski slopes.


D-air® street from the track to the road

After the launch of D-air® Racing, the D-air® family expanded with a new street version: D-air® Street.


London 2012 Olympic Games

At the London 2012 Olympic Games, three riders in equestrian disciplines wore Dainese clothing from the equestrian 2012 collection for the first time.


Protection for astronauts

The collaboration between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Dainese continued to make astronauts' lives safer. Dainese had already passed the NASA supplier selection process for producing special protective gear for astronauts to wear inside their space suits.


Investcorp buys Dainese

After 42 years, Lino Dainese left his role as president of the company he founded and sold the majority of the company shares to the investment firm Investcorp. He ensures continuity with the past by working with the company as a minority shareholder.


“Professor Ferdinand Porsche” Award

Dainese receives the prestigious “Professor Ferdinand Porsche” Award for technological innovation for the Multistrada 1200 s D-air®. Presented by the Vienna University of Technology every two years, it is given to the most significant innovation in the automotive sector, and this year, for the first time, to the developers of a protective system on a production motorbike.


Dainese at the Venice biennale

Dainese exhibits its innovative technologies at the 56th Venice Biennale. The company displays D-air®, the airbag for motorcyclists, and Biosuit®, the pressurized suit for astronauts.


Sergio Mattarella Awards Dainese

Lino Dainese receives the prestigious Leonardo da Vinci Award for innovation from the president of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella. The Leonardo da Vinci Award for innovation is given to entrepreneurs whose companies have distinguished themselves for product quality innovation and a strong international, sales and production outlook.


D-air® becomes an open platform

Dainese introduced D-air® armor, the “open platform” air-bag based on D-air® technology. This innovative system is the result of over 15 years of research by D-tec® (dainese technology centre) into air-bag technology. D-air® armor is a racing suit undergarment featuring an integrated D-air® air-bag. With D-air® armor, all riders can now take advantage of the safety provided by D-air®, the same technology used by all official dainese riders.


D-air® Misano 1000

Dainese celebrates 1,000 deployments of the D-air® system by introducing the D-air® Misano 1000 leather jacket. This new Dainese product features a stand-alone, electronically deployed Air-bag for road use.


First real-life crash test for the D-air® Ski

First real-life deployment for the D-air® Ski. Jan Farrell, 2014 Speed Ski world champion, provides the first crash test at a speed of 80kph, demonstrating the system’s effectiveness.


Dainese goes to space

Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen first tests Skinsuit during IRISS Mission. The result of a partnership between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Dainese Science and Research Center, and developed to be worn inside the International Space Station, SkinSuit provides “loading” in the head-to-foot direction, in effect recreating gravity’s load on Earth, but in a weightless environment. SkinSuit aims to counteract the stretching of the spine in space, producing large amounts of vertical load without compromising comfort and movement.


Skiers in the world cup series protected by Dainese Air-bag technology

Dainese reiterates its full commitment to the safety of skiers all around the world by offering the D-air® Ski system not only to athletes in the teams it officially sponsors, but to all the Ski Federations.


Emirates Team New Zealand

The Dainese Group gets onboard Emirates Team New Zealand for the 2017 America's Cup with the new SEA-GUARD, essential gear for crew’s protection while sailing.


The new generation of protection system for road use

Dainese presents at EICMA the new Misano D-air®, Cyclone D-air® and Continental D-air® jackets, dedicated respectively to sport, sport-touring and urban segments. The jackets integrate the brand-new D-air® airbag system in its stand-alone version, which means no sensor kits need to be fitted to the motorcycle. Finally, the ultimate level of protection is available for all types of road use.


Dainese returns to space

Dainese is returning to space protecting Thomas Pesquet, who has been on the Proxima Mission since November 17th.


115 years of passion

The Dainese group celebrates its anniversaries: 70 years for AGV and 45 for Dainese. Two different histories, but the same scope: Mission Safety


Le Fonti Awards

Dainese excels at Italy's seventh annual Le Fonti Awards for Innovation and Human Resources. Honoured amongst the leaders of Industry 4.0, the Company is presented with the “Excellence of the Year / Innovation & Leadership” award in the hi-tech protective wear category and Cristiano Silei, CEO of the Dainese Group, with the “CEO of the Year” award for Innovation.


Red Dot Awards

The Red Dot Design Award panel – which recognises the world’s most original and innovative products – gives its seal of approval in the Product Design 2017 category to the new Dainese Mugello R D-Air® race suit, the innovative AGV Pista GP R helmet and the range of latest generation Pro-Armor protective products.


D-air® Ski wins at the Olympics

Together with Sofia Goggia and Matthias Mayer, D-air® Ski wins gold in the women's downhill and the men's alpine super-G at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.


Smart Jacket revolutionizes the motorcycle airbag

Dainese presents Smart Jacket, MotoGP™ D-air technology in a garment for all kinds of road use. Smart Jacket is capable of detecting the dynamics of an accident and activating airbag inflation, without any connection to the vehicle. A garment that can be worn over or under any outfit, it is foldable, water resistant and lightweight. The protection of seven back protectors, with no need for hardshell protective gear.


Dainese Experience kicks off

The Experience project is born, as a way to promote the passion for riding and heighten riders’ active safety on all types of route. From world championship tracks to the planet’s most extreme and evocative locations, the Dainese Masters, Expeditions and Weekends provide the theoretical and practical bases, so that riders can tackle all conditions with greater awareness, enjoying unique experiences and learning more about the protective technologies while gaining greater bike control.


TCX joins the Dainese Group

The Dainese group acquires TCX, a historic and prestigious Italian brand specialized in the development of innovative technologies in the field of motorcycle boots and footwear.


Dainese and AGV win in MotoGP™

Dainese and AGV reach the top steps of the MotoGP™ podium with Joan Mir and Franco Morbidelli, world champion and runner-up respectively. The riders have been ambassadors for both brands throughout their world championship careers, part of a new winning generation of champions and both extraordinary individuals.


Dainese Sea-Guard wins the 36th America's Cup

Following the historic success of the 2017 edition, Dainese continues to protect the world’s fastest sailing crews, Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, with Sea-Guard. Both of the 36th America's Cup finalists are protected by the Dainese vest, specially developed for the fastest sailing boats of all time.