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You need protection and freedom for maximum safety when riding. Dainese bike helmets are designed to protect riders while reducing every distraction to a minimum. Extremely lightweight full-face Mountain Bike helmets, homologated for the world’s top Downhill and Enduro competitions. Comfortable, safe and lightweight open-face helmets for endless trail riding and XC. Dainese MTB helmets offer maximum safety in every detail, with integrated MIPS®, TwiceMe® and Recco systems. Choose your Dainese bike helmet.


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Price reduced from £9.95 to £4.97
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Dainese MTB Helmet: maximum safety while riding

Discover the range of Dainese MTB helmets, where advanced safety meets the most innovative design for mountain biking enthusiasts. Our collection ensures excellent protection without ever neglecting style and comfort, establishing itself as the ideal choice for those who desire excellence while riding.

Performance and Lightness for Competitions

Our Linea 01 MIPS® full-face mountain bike helmet is among the lightest available on the market, passing rigorous homologation tests for the most demanding Downhill and Enduro competitions worldwide. Moreover, the collection also includes the Scarabeo Linea 01 MIPS® full-face mountain bike and BMX helmet certified for children and teenagers, designed around the child's head: a compact helmet sized to the head with padding of different thicknesses, interchangeable with each other, to adapt the fit to the child's growth. To meet all needs, Dainese also offers 3 models of versatile and lightweight MTB half-shell helmets to face every path in total control.

Technological Innovation for Greater Safety

Technology is at the heart of our design philosophy: Dainese MTB helmets incorporate leading-edge systems like MIPS® that reduces the dangerous rotational forces of an impact transmitted to the head, NFC twICEme® for advanced emergency management, and Recco® to facilitate localization in case of rescue. These technological solutions highlight our ongoing commitment to cyclist safety, integrating innovative features that can make a difference when it matters most. Choose your Dainese MTB helmet for an unparalleled riding experience, where safety, comfort, and style come together to accompany you on every trail.