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There are motorcycle pants for every route and all conditions, with the highest levels of protection, innovative technology and ergonomics for maximum freedom of movement. Dainese motorcycle pants are designed for performance in every situation and all seasons.


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(8 results)
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Waterproof Motorcycle Trousers for All Weather Conditions

Discover the exclusive range of waterproof motorcycle trousers by Dainese, designed to ensure comfort and protection in any weather condition. Our men's waterproof motorcycle trousers are the ideal choice for tackling rain, wind, and cold with style and safety.

Maximum Comfort and Protection with Waterproof Winter Motorcycle Trousers

With a keen attention to detail, Dainese's waterproof winter motorcycle trousers offer the highest levels of protection, thanks to innovative materials like Gore-tex®, D-Dry®, and Absøluteshell™, which ensure superior waterproofing and breathability. Our waterproof motorcycle trousers are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection even on the coldest days, using insulating materials and breathable membranes that keep the body dry and warm.

Dainese Ergonomics and Style for Every Motorcycle Adventure

The Dainese range offers multiple types of waterproof motorbike trousers; developed for sporty riding on the road, ideal for outings during the summer, for long road and off-road trips, for motorbike touring-adventure, suitable for year-round use thanks to their modularity, with removable thermal lining for winter or mid-season trips. Choose Dainese motorbike trousers and turn every trip into a comfortable and safe adventure, without ever compromising on style.