The ski suit from the future

Ergonomics and safety, protection becomes freedom

Alpine skiing is one of the most extreme and challenging sports. It involves atmospheric elements, speed and physical exertion and really puts the human body to the test. Safety is essential for athletes as they seek ultimate performance.


Concept 001 represents the Dainese vision of tomorrow’s ski suit, the perfect combination of maximum safety and ergonomics, to exploit every skier’s full potential.


Concept 001 is the first ski suit to integrate static protectors and the intelligent D-air® Ski system. D-air® is the Dainese electronic airbag developed in the motorcycling world since the ’90s and in skiing since 2015. It is designed to provide protection that remains invisible until it is needed.

With the use of sensors and an algorithm that analyzes data 1000 times per second, D-air® is able to detect the dynamics of a fall and promptly activate inflation of the airbag, a shield that envelops the athlete's body and protects the most exposed areas against impact. The uniformity of the protection is guaranteed by patented microfilament technology, which allows the air to spread homogeneously and offer equal pressure over the entire surface.


Concept 001 incorporates brand-new Dainese Woven technology in those areas of the body most exposed to abrasion. This technology sees polymer fiber and fiberglass added to the fabric of the suit. The fiberglass is positioned on the outer surface of the suit in the shoulder and leg area to ensure heightened cut and abrasion resistance. The polymer fiber is located on the inside and makes the garment elastic so that it can better trace the body’s movements. These solutions make for a new level of protection while maintaining the flexibility required for total freedom of movement. The result is a fabric designed to trace the body’s every shape with exceptional precision.

The Concept 001 suit is a garment that represents the perfect combination of safety and ergonomics. Through innovation and material research, protections can be fully integrated with the human body, like a second skin, in order to achieve ideal ergonomics.