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Comfort and protection for your feet when riding. Discover the women’s Dainese motorcycle shoes and boots collection Waterproof, breathable, ventilated leather footwear, for city riding or traveling, for sporty or touring riding, for every day.
Discover the women’s certified Dainese motorcycle footwear. A fit designed for the female foot.

Women Boots and Shoes

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Women's Motorcycle Shoes and Boots

At the heart of the female motorcycling experience, Dainese prioritizes safety, comfort, and design with its exclusive collection of women's motorcycle shoes and boots. Designed to perfectly fit the shape of the female foot, these footwear options are not just a symbol of protection but also of style on two wheels.

Adaptability for Every Season and Riding Style

The collection spans various seasons and riding styles: from waterproof motorcycle shoes, perfect for keeping feet dry in the city during rainy days, to summer motorcycle shoes featuring breathable and ventilated materials to ensure maximum comfort on the hottest days. For track enthusiasts, you will find women's racing motorcycle boots, and for those who love road riding, Dainese offers sporty women's motorcycle boots with certified protections. Those who prefer the long distances of touring can find waterproof women's touring motorcycle boots.

High-Quality Materials and High Protection

High-quality materials like premium leather guarantee durability and resistance, while waterproof technologies ensure dry feet in all weather conditions. Safety is paramount with the use of rigid inserts and reinforcements in the pedal area. With elegant and refined lines, Dainese's women's motorcycle shoes and boots are certified according to CE - Cat. II - EN 13634 standards, making them the ideal complement to any biker outfit, combining style and protection. Discover the collection and choose the model that best suits your riding style and needs, to live every journey with maximum safety and comfort.