Hand made with care and passion.
As unique as you are.

The program was once called Made-to-Measure, but it encompasses so much more than just measurements. The program gives complete freedom of choice of colors and accessories; each product offered is fully customizable allowing you to create your unique, hand-crafted, fitted garment. And so, Custom Works more aptly conveys the substance of the program. The program can be experienced in store or online. It starts simply with your imagination and the desire for the ultimate in performance and style.

To learn more about each step of the journey, read on below.​​

Leather colors palette

Change colors

The Custom Works program allows you not only the ability to change the colors of the leather panels, it also allows you to choose the colors of metal plates and knee or elbow sliders. We offer an extensive palette for leather, 11 colors for knee sliders, and 9 colors for elbow sliders. Metal plates can be chosen to match, or even customized.

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Customize the fit to your body measurements

Change fit

The Custom Works program allows you to have your favorite leather garment reshaped to your unique body proportions, offering you maximum comfort, ergonomics and adding passive safety through fit and mobility.​

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Custom leather patches and numbers

Add patches

The Custom Works program allows you the opportunity to add logos, names, numbers, and imagery to your Custom Color garment. These “add-ons” can simply increase the uniqueness of your garment, or give you a complete pro-racer look if you so desire. There are three types of add-ons offered: leather patches, transfers, and direct prints.

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Take delivery

For any Custom Fit garment we require a delivery appointment, giving the Dainese store or Certified Center the chance to ensure the fit and function is correct. Occasionally an alteration is required, and if so, the store will assist in assessment and ship your garment back to Dainese for the alteration. This may add two to three weeks to the entire process but will guarantee the fit and safety of your unique Custom Works Garment.

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Hand made with care and passion. As unique as you are.