In the early days of motorcycling, leather suits were simply black and there was no alternative. But then Dainese introduced color for the first time to Giacomo Agostini's racing suit, transforming the leather into a blank canvas through which the motorcycle rider could fully express themselves.

You can experience this freedom too with the Dainese Custom Works Custom Color program.
To learn more about each step of this journey, read below.

Custom Color garment


Choose from a select range of products that can be found in the configurator and create a personal garment that matches your style, your bike, and your personality. You can also add patches, logos, names and numbers to enhance the style and look.​​

Custom Color garments can be purchased directly from Dainese online, from one of our Dainese stores, or from one of many Custom Works Certified Centers around the world.​​

How does it work?

Custom color can be experienced from the comfort of your home using our on-line Configurator. This is the entry level to our Custom Works experience, as each garment is then produced in a standard size with only color changes and your chosen accessory colors and add-ons making it unique.​

  • The experience begins with the selection of a garment offered from the Custom Works range, followed by choosing either perforated or non-perforated leather.​

  • The next step is choosing the colors for each leather panel, colors for the shoulder, elbow and knee plates (if available for the selected garment) and colors for the sliders (if available).

  • The last step of the design process involves adding logos and/or imagery and choosing and designing text and/or numbers to be added to pre-determined places on each garment.

What happens next?

Icon buy online


  • After you have completed your design, filled in your details and submitted it, one of our Custom Works Specialists will review your design.​​ Following our review we will email you with an order confirmation for you to accept and the final terms and conditions​.

  • At this point a non-refundable deposit of at least 30% is required.​​

  • Once this is confirmed your order moves into the final design process before moving into production. ​​ In most cases we ship all custom color garments in 6 to 8 weeks from the above point.​ Please note this service is only available in Europe, the UK and USA.​​

Icone buy in store


  • The store you select in the final form submission will receive an email notifying them of your request.​

  • Once the store has received your email, they will get in contact with you to begin the process and guide you through your purchase.​​

  • If you have not heard from the store within 5 business days, please contact them directly or contact us directly so we can help you further.

Custom Color

Custom Color

Please use a tablet or desktop to enjoy the experience.

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