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Item No. 204840372
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Ski helmet with lightweight, aerodynamic hybrid construction, designed for maximum protection.
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Maximum safety for superior performance. The NUCLEO helmet is lightweight, compact and aerodynamic, specially designed to offer a flawless fit on the head.
REVERSE SAFE technology combines a lightweight outer shell with the multi-impact protection of the ABS ARMORING, enveloping the head and sheltering the areas that are more delicate and statistically more susceptible to impact in the event of a fall.
The MIPS system ensures even greater protection against rotational forces, preventing the head from serious injuries caused by twisting in the event of impact. The BOA system guarantees exceptional comfort, allowing the skier to adjust the fit with exceptional precision. Air vents also channel the flow of air through the shell and interior, transporting excess heat and humidity out of the helmet through the integrated spoiler, resulting in the perfect combination of ventilation and aerodynamic performance.
A distinctive design, specially created to give you the confidence you need to give your best on the slopes, whatever the weather.


All-round protection for skiers. A lightweight, compact helmet designed to provide ultimate safety for great performance.


Armoring® System

Armoring® System:
Safety takes on a brand-new shape

An exclusive ABS multi-impact ring guarantees shock absorption in the areas that are most sensitive and susceptible to impact in the event of a fall. Its elasticated construction dissipates the energy of the shock over the whole area, always returning to its original shape. The Nucleo design follows the shape of the Armoring®. In other words, the helmet is specifically designed around the protective element.

Reversesafe® Technology

Reversesafe® Technology:
Ultimate protection and a lightweight feel where you need it

Each and every material is positioned exactly where it's needed. Using exclusive ReverseSafe® technology, the NUCLEO helmet has been specifically designed to respond to the needs of real skiers, with no structural compromises. The ABS Armoring® offers additional protection in the areas more susceptible to impact in the event of a fall. The upper part of the helmet is more lightweight for freedom and comfort. The result: An extremely compact, safe and lightweight structure.


The perfect fit

The perfect fit:
An essential for any champion

The design of the inside of the NUCLEO is based on first-hand experience on the Alpine Ski World Cup slopes in some of the most extreme and challenging of conditions. Not only is it comfortable, lightweight and breathable, but it's also adjustable, thanks to the BOA® system that allows you to modify the circumference around the head with extreme precision. A flawless construction providing you with the comfort you need to push yourself to the max on every slope, whatever the conditions.

Channeled ventilation for all weather conditions

Channeled ventilation for all weather conditions

Air vents are positioned on the front of the helmet where there is greatest pressure, channeling air inside the helmet through special ducts and in turn drawing excess humidity and heat out of the helmet. This active ventilation system prevents snow or water from coming into contact with the skier's head, even during the harshest of weather conditions. The setup you need to push yourself to the next level in all situations.


Fully-integrated features in a streamlined silhouette

Fully-integrated features in a streamlined silhouette

First comes performance, then comes shape. All elements of the NUCLEO have been designed to offer maximum performance in all situations. Every inch is entirely functional. From its aerodynamic spoiler, there's not a single detail that hasn't been fully integrated into the shell, resulting in a seamless, compact design. Appearance that really counts.

Compact dimensions for superior performance

Compact dimensions for superior performance

Maximum comfort, a lightweight construction and freedom of movement: The fundamental characteristics you need to take on every slope with extreme confidence, leaving your mind free to focus on the slope in front of you. That's why we designed the NUCLEO to be so compact. Reduced dimensions for a carefree experience, ensuring maximum protection in all situations.



Air spoiler

ARMORING - Protective ring technology

BOA® Fit System

EVA ear pads

Goggles fastening system

Inner air channels ventilation

REVERSE - Hybrid Construction

Thermoformed, removable and washable liner


100% EPS Inner shell

77% ABS, 23% PC


ASTM F-2040

CE EN 1077 type B



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