Design Process:

The design process is variable in length of time and can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the design and the suitability of the logos, designs, file formats, etc.

Order Confirmation:

Order confirmation is when Dainese has finally confirmed and accepted the design, logos, fit, etc. and the deposit has been paid.

Production time:

Production only starts once Order Confirmation has been completed. Typically, it takes 6-8 weeks for the production process. Each garment it produced by hand from start to finish.

Please note the same team that creates Custom Works garments also creates garments for our Race program. Therefore, at peak periods (from January to March) we prioritise suits for MotoGP, BSB, WSB and other championships. During this time period a small delay should be factored in.

Shipping and Delivery:

All garments are hand inspected through our Quality Care and Control Team in Italy before shipping.
Shipping can take 1-2 weeks depending on the final destination and Customs clearance, etc.
For Custom Colour purchased directly we will let you know the tracking number once shipped.
For all other items your Dainese Store or Certified Center will be updated by Dainese and then book a Delivery appointment with you.
If you have purchased from a Dainese Store or Certified Center please contact them for any questions and they will offer support.


How can I know if the colors will match my motorcycle?

We cannot guarantee a color match to manufacturer colors. Leather is an organic material and thus there can be small variances during the tanning process. Our Dainese stores and Certified Centers do have color swatches available to view.

Will a Dainese back protector insert change the fit?

No, a Dainese back protector insert will not change the fit of a standard size. In fact, inserting one (wearing one) will increase the fit and comfort level.

Will I be able to return the garment if I do not like the design?

No, a Dainese Custom Works garment is made just for you, and therefore cannot be returned.

How can I know if the colors will arrive exactly like I see them on my screen?

We cannot guarantee that the actual leather colors on your Custom Works will match what you see on your screen due to obvious reasons (monitors, screen settings, etc.) leather in real life will appear more ‘matt’ than on-screen.

How long can I expect to wait…?

Once the order is confirmed and submitted, you can expect production to begin shortly afterwards, and take about six to eight weeks. Shipping then usually ranges from a day to a week. During peak periods (typically January through March) a delay should be expected.

What if it does not fit?

All Custom Works garments are non-returnable unless a manufacturing defect is found. All Custom Works garments pass two separate Quality Control stations before being shipped.

For any Custom garments that involve Fit, a delivery appointment is necessary for our fitting service. At this time, any potential required alterations will be assessed and dealt with as we guarantee the fit as part of the program.

Custom Color garments are non-returnable so please be sure of size before ordering.

What sizes will the patches be?

Patch sizes are determined by the Custom Works Design Team once the order is confirmed and submitted. Design Team members have years of experience working with the suits for our sponsored riders, and all Custom Works garments. They will position and size according to the area(s) allowed by the garment size.

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