Dainese Motorbike Gloves

dainese motorbike gloves

Protect your hands in all conditions with Dainese motorbike gloves. They feature technologies created for the most extreme conditions, so you always ride with maximum control and comfort, on the track and on your city’s streets, in every season.
Discover Dainese certified gloves, in leather, Gore-Tex®, D-WP® or fabric. Waterproof or ventilated, choose yours.


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Protection and Comfort with Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Discover the exclusive line of waterproof motorcycle gloves by Dainese, designed to provide unparalleled protection and optimal comfort on every journey. Whether you're a touring enthusiast or prefer exploring the urban environment on two wheels, our waterproof motorcycle gloves ensure excellent performance in any weather condition. Made with high-quality water-repellent materials, Dainese motorcycle gloves ensure your hands stay dry and warm, even on the coldest and wettest days.

Waterproof Winter Motorcycle Gloves: Safety and Style for Touring

Our collection includes waterproof winter motorcycle gloves specifically designed for motor touring, offering an ideal combination of safety, durability, and style. With Dainese, you can rely on gloves that not only protect from the elements but also enhance your riding experience through their ergonomics and the ability to maintain precise control of the handlebars.

Water-Repellent Motorcycle Gloves for Urban and Touring

Whether you are looking for waterproof motorcycle gloves for your next trip through the mountains or for daily commuting in the city, our range is designed to perfectly adapt to different riding styles, including urban and touring. Explore our selection of motorcycle gloves with waterproof Gore-tex® or D-Dry® membranes now and turn every journey into a comfortable and safe adventure, without compromising on style and performance.