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Motorcycle Protection by Dainese: Safety and Innovation

Dainese has pioneered motorcycle protection in the world of motorcycling apparel and has always been committed to innovating and enhancing safety for all riders. When it comes to motorcycle protection, choosing high-quality equipment is crucial to ensure maximum safety and protection, whether travelling on the road or challenging the speed on the track. Dainese offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet the needs of every rider. The range includes motorcycle protection for the back, essential for spinal protection, to be worn under garments such as jackets and suits, composite protections for shoulders, elbows, and knees, protective jackets and shorts, chest protectors, and hip protectors.

Airbag Technology for Advanced Motorcycle Protection

Dainese has also introduced motorcycle protection with an integrated airbag, the D-air®. D-air® is the standalone electronic airbag system with ultra-fast activation for use on the road or track integrated into motorcycle jackets and suits. The D-air® garments are characterized by being wireless and not requiring any connections with the motorcycle or the presence of sensors on the vehicle. The Dainese D-air® collection includes leather motorcycle suits with integrated airbag, the Smart Jacket family which includes men's motorcycle vests with integrated airbag, women's motorcycle vests with integrated airbag, leather vests with integrated airbag, and fabric jackets with integrated airbag.

Motorcycle Knee Pads and Elbow Pads: Protection and Mobility

For riders seeking optimal joint protection, Dainese's motorcycle knee pads and motorcycle elbow pads are the ideal choice. Made with top-quality materials, these protections offer superior impact resistance without compromising mobility.

Motorcycle Protection by Dainese: Maximum Safety Without Compromise

The Dainese back protector is the essence of motorcycle protection, an indispensable element for anyone who takes their safety seriously while riding. In the Dainese collection, you can find both back protectors to insert in the jacket pocket and back protectors with straps: all Dainese motorcycle back protectors are designed to absorb and dissipate the energy of impact, are lightweight, ergonomic, and ventilated. Choosing Dainese means opting for a brand that has been synonymous with innovation, safety, and comfort for decades.