Back Protectors

Dainese safety technologies are developed taking into account all the different needs of the skier, offering a wide range of solutions, designed to adapt to every skiing style. Each material and protector provide a different level of shock absorbance, lightness, comfort and breathability. Maximized choice, superior performance.

auxagon waistcoat


The Safety vest is lightweight and breathable, with a protector inspired by auxetics. Its unique geometry allows it to expand in every direction in the event of collision or traction, spreading its coverage and faithfully following your movements.

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flexagon pl waistcoat


Flexibility and superior protection are guaranteed with this level 2 protector. Made up of overlapping layers of Crash Absorb® Memory Retention Foam, Flexagon 2.0 boasts an extremely high impact absorption capacity. Its ergonomic design, created with soft hexagonal pads in Crash Absorb®, ensures comfort and maximum freedom on the slopes, following every movement of the skier’s body.

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Safety and versatility thanks to this back protector that can be easily inserted into Core Ready ski garments, with dedicated pockets for its accommodation. Constructed with Auxagon technology and Crash Absorb®, this protector is designed to ensure minimal bulk and weight, while maintaining high protection standards, adapting to every movement of the skier. Weighing just 145 grams with a thickness of 1.3cm.

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