Dainese Bike protections

dainese bike protections

Dainese means protection, with innovative technologies and materials developed so that world champions, every rider, can have the safety they need to give it their all.
They offer protection and freedom of movement to tackle every route, knee guards, elbow guards, safety vests, base layers with built-in protectors and much more besides. Choose Dainese mountain bike protection.

Safety Jackets

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Innovation and Safety in Dainese MTB Protection

With a history rooted in innovation and the development of protection in the world of mountain biking, Dainese offers every MTB enthusiast the same advanced technologies that have kept world champions safe in their competitions. Choosing a mtb protective jacket or an mtb chest protector from Dainese means relying on years of research and development aimed at maximum protection without compromising comfort and agility.

Ultimate Protection with Dainese MTB Jackets and Chest Protectors

The mtb protective jackets by Dainese are designed to offer impact resistance while still prioritizing lightness and ventilation. For those seeking specific protection for more extreme disciplines, such as enduro, the mtb enduro chest protector by Dainese provides a superior level of safety, with features designed to maximize coverage without restricting movement. Chest protector for downhill and enduro with rigid protectors on the chest and back, safety jacket with rigid protections on shoulders, elbows, and Flexagon back protector, protective MTB vest with integrated hydration system: discover all the innovative solutions in Dainese's protective bike jacket collection now.