Riding Style Urban


A motorcycle is the perfect way to get around the city. Get ready to do so in freedom and safety.
Dainese urban motorcycle garments are designed to offer invisible and imperceptible protection, to be worn every day in the saddle, without worrying about having to change once you reach your destination. Safety and protection from atmospheric agents meet ergonomics, flexibility, breathability and lightness, with a casual style suitable to any occasion.
Urban leather jackets; lightweight fabric jackets for the hottest days; waterproof motorcycle jackets to face any rainy day in the city; bomber jackets and jackets with integrated soft motorcycle protectors, perfect for all situations. Lightweight, comfortable and durable motorcycle gloves; casual motorcycle shoes comfortable for walking and protective when riding. And then, there’s Smart Jacket, the most advanced and versatile motorcycle airbag system in the world – Dainese D-air®. Never ride without it, always carry it with you.
Choose your urban motorcycle gear and tackle the streets of your city and your daily commutes with maximum protection and freedom.

110 Results
110 Results
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