TRAILKNIT is a fabric construction developed by electronic knitting machines linking loops of yarns on needles. This knitted construction differs from a traditional woven fabric as it is more flexible and can be more effortlessly constructed. TRAILKNIT has been developed for garments that are elastic and better respond to the skier’s motion.

A garment featuring a knitted construction is more form fitting, since its elasticity allows it to contour the body more closely. Knitted constructions also enable extra curvature to be introduced without seams – akin to the heel of a sock. Knitting allows an extremely complex fabric construction: The yarn in TRAILKNIT fabric follows a meandering path that can change seamlessly forming different stitching patterns that design precise functional zoning with engineered performance in key areas.

AWA - All Weather Activity

Deliberately cross-functional, AWA apparel adapts to suit multiple outdoor sports, activity levels, climates and weather. So you can follow the desires of an active mind.
Go your own way. Unmistakably.

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