The proprietary Pro-Armor material utilizes an innovative design language inspired by fractals, the language of nature to create complex structures. This design language enables the protector to simultaneously achieve a high level of protection and extreme flexibility, able to replicate the body’s biomechanics by maintaining extreme mobility and coverage.




Carbon elastomer is at the heart of Pro-Armor protection. In the event of an accident, its nanometric structure disperses impact energy over its surfaces extremely effectively. The polymer reacts to the impact by converting the energy into heat and dissipating it through the material itself. The unique performance and properties of this material make it possible to absorb up to 83% of the impact energy striking the protector.




Fractals are geometric shapes also present in nature that repeat themselves in space, dynamically changing their structure. Dainese uses fractals in the Pro-Armor family to create a dynamic geometry that meets the requirements of protection and comfort simultaneously. The denser structure along the spine extends dynamically into a more open structure on the sides, further reducing the thickness and weight of the protector while maintaining its high performance.






Over 30 years’ research into the dynamics of the human body in motorcycling has made it possible to engineer a revolutionary protector. Pro-Armor family has been conceived and designed to mould itself to the rider‘s body.






The fractal dynamics of Dainese Pro-Armor have made it possible to engineer a highly-breathable structure, with air spaces that widely cover the surface area of protector. This enables substantial airflow between the inside and outside environment with enormous benefits for body heat regulation in any climatic conditions.






The latest-generation carbon elastomer compound, intelligently distributed in space using Dainese fractal geometry in a highly-perforated structure, has made it possible to reduce the weight by over 60%.






Unique patented buffer pads integrated in Pro-Armor Back give the rider unprecedented freedom of movement. These elastic systems, also made of high-performance carbon elastomer, are located at the back’s essential points of movement. The buffer pads can be compressed on themselves or stretched, giving the back protector freedom of rotation, extension, compression and torsion.

Perforated structure
Longitudinal stretch & bending
Lateral bending



From Dainese — the inventor of the back protector — comes the incredibly comfortable, CE-certified Pro Armor, constructed of expanded nitrile rubber with a perforated structure and a functional, anatomical shape. The protector bends and stretches longitudinally and laterally, and it’s held in place by removable shoulder straps and a removable, adjustable lumbar band.

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