D-air® is a standalone* electronic airbag system for use on the road that only operates if connected to and integrated with specifically designed and certified Dainese protective garments.

The system’s 6 sensors, electronics and GPS are integrated in the Pro-Armor back protector, dispensing with the need for you to install a kit on your bike. The D-air® control unit monitors the sensor signals 1000 times a second using a sophisticated triggering algorithm. D-air® system works in synergy with existing protections to shield the following areas of the riders body:

  • 1 – NECK*
  • 3 – CHEST
  • 4 – BACK

* Limits the inclination of the head in relation to the neck and reduces helmet movement during rolling.

The airbag is high-pressure inflated, anatomically shaped and has a volume of 4 liters.


D-air® recognizes and activates in the event of the following accidents to provide its revolutionary additional protection:

Frontal and side collisions

Impact on fixed or moving objects.


Rider thrown from the bike as a result of rear wheel slide followed by a sudden recovery of grip.

Lowsides with or without tumbling

Loss of front or rear wheel grip followed by rider rolling or sliding

Thanks to its intelligent algorithm, D-air® recognizes the violence of a fall and deploys, only if necessary, in the event of one of the accidents shown above.
The system does not deploy for instance in falls at less than 50 km/h or in falls in which the dynamics do not demand the extra protection offered by the airbag.

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