Racing has always been the perfect testing ground to improve technologies and push harder on innovation.

Collaboration with world-class technical laboratories optimizes perfectly the vision of our pro-athletes. Our passion and commitment to safety is thus as strong as our desire for the podium.
The logo says it all. The Speed Demon moves last in a definite direction, seeing things mortals can’t imagine.

Pro-Armor knee pads
Crash Absorb side pads
Extra wide elastic bands with silicone grippers



The successor to the highly-acclaimed Trail Skins, the second-generation again sets the benchmark for breathability, ergonomics and protection. Delivering the ultimate blend of mobility and protection, the low-profile design delivers unrestricted pedaling and all-day comfort while still meeting European standards for impact protectors. Additional side padding bolsters protection against the most common crashes and dual micro-adjustable elastic bands ensure a customized fit for every rider.

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The Armoform concept defines a new generation of hardshell protective gear. The hard polyethylene shell used in Armoform is precedent setting for its ability to dissipate shock over a wider area, to slide across a crash surface and to prevent ‘piercing’, leading to less injury from sharp objects like rocks and branches as well as world class protection at high speed. The fractal scaling reticulation defines a supportive ribbing, with thicker pattern in high impact zones and tapered near the edges for mobility and flexibility.

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