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Mugello Circuit, 3 June 2017 – In what has now become a tradition, the AGV Pista GP R helmets of Rossi and Iannone for the Saturday morning qualifying sessions for the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix held in Mugello, sport special celebratory designs. Designer Aldo Drudi transforms their heartfelt tributes to the late Nicky Hayden and to Italy into art.


Bright colours, the green turf of a football field, the blue eyes of the Champion of Tavullia who, in a brand new footballer version in a light blue jersey of the Italian national team bearing number 46, exclaims "Mo' je faccio er cucchiaio" (the "cucchiaio" or "spoon" being a specific type of penalty kick), as he stands, ready in front of the goalkeeper to score a goal. This expression, spouted in an unmistakeable Roman dialect, reveals Rossi's sporting dedication to Francesco Totti, the icon Italian football player who played the very last match of his fantastic career with the team A.S. Roma last week. With the Italian flag in the background, the tribute continues on the back of the helmet where, under the 58 of Marco Simoncelli, the phrase "One captain… There's only one captain!" appears, another iconic quote taking directly from the chants dedicated to Totti by his Roman fans. A plaster drawn on the front is an attempt by The Doctor to poke fun at himself, a funny reminder of his misadventure during training a few days ago which put his participation in the Italian GP at risk. On the sides of the chin strap, the number 46 is joined by 69, the number of the great Nicky Hayden forming a single, dual-tone 469. The AGV shield, which has accompanied Valentino for more than 20 years in each of his wins, is positioned on the side and completed by the words "Mugello 2017".


The personalised design on the AGV PISTA GP R is fruit of the driver's inspiration and of his artistic collaboration with designer Aldo Drudi, always capable of transforming ideas into reality. “We work as a team and I also consider Valentino to be a member of our team, as he listens to all our suggestions with curiosity, adding each idea into the design and "developing it" commented Drudi. “Here at AGV, we put all our passion into our work, and our task is to create a unique design that will provide a psychological boost, because the helmet is the face the driver wears during the weekend. And this is indeed an ancient ritual. Since ancient times, warriors have been painting their faces before they go into battle, to exorcise their fear and look more aggressive. In any situation where risk is involved, this is a must. With Valentino, we work on a different level, always creating something that is motivated by the strong emotions that engage him and fire his passion. Speculating on the detail, defining the key aspects with accuracy is always the name of the game because when you work with someone who has won nine world championships, the team also has to be worthy of nine championships!”.

For the Italian Saturday session of the Moto GP, Andrea Iannone is also presenting a AGV helmet with a personalised design. His is a very special tribute to Nicky Hayden, the grand champion of motorcycling who recently passed away. On the chin strap it bears the number 29, that of the driver of the Suzuki Ecstar team, and 69, the number used by Nicky, whose name in italics fills the head of the helmet, against the background of an idyllic blue sky with white clouds, all for him. On the back, the Italian flag intertwines with the Italian flag, sealing the message of affection. The AGV logo with its tricolour shield features both on the sides and at the back of the helmet. As just like Valentino's helmet, Iannone's was also designed by Aldo Drudi. Andrea dedicates the helmet to the fans who have always followed and warmly supported him during his races.


Pista GP R – Designed in accordance with the AGV Extreme Standards development protocol, with the aim of guaranteeing a higher level of active and passive protection, the Pista GP R is the helmet of choice for Moto GP championship riders. Made in pure carbon fibre, the Pista GP R is characterised by superior visibility and aerodynamic performance thanks to its 190° field of vision and the new Biplano spoiler, created and tested in the wind tunnel. The helmet is also equipped with a built-in hydration system and the new IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) for unrivalled ventilation. In 2017, Pista GP R won the prestigious Red Dot Award, the prize that rewards the products with the most original and futuristic designs in the world.