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Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton chooses Dainese apparel for his latest venture in the motorcycle world.
Following on from the Dragster RR LH, the British driver continues his collaboration with MV Agusta with the launch of its latest Superbike, dedicated to him. The model is the F4 LH44, based on the F4 RC and developed directly by the Italian manufacturer's race department.
The unveiling of the F4 LH44 saw Hamilton wearing top of the range Dainese racing apparel in the form of the Mugello R D-air®, the new racing leathers with incorporated airbag system.
The Mugello R D-air® leathers are state of the art in terms of their Dainese-branded protective technology, with more than 25 new features and many innovations that have resulted in 5 extraordinary new patents. The D-air® platform has been implemented, increasing the areas covered by the bag: from the neck, shoulders and collar bones to the lower sides of the rib cage. Mugello R D-air® raises the bar in terms of protection and comfort, thanks also to the application of a flexible knee structure and new construction solutions, such as pre-curved engineered textiles and tri-axial elastics.