Innovation and freedom, towards the safety of the future.

Since 1972, Dainese has been innovating and creating protection for the human body in the world of dynamic sports, from motorcycle racing to downhill skiing, and from mountain biking to sailing and exploring space. We invent the protection of the future, for the freedom to dare.


In 1979 Dainese invented the back protector, revolutionizing protection for motorcycle riders. The first model responds to the needs of Barry Sheene and his colleagues, and is inspired by a lobster’s carapace. It’s spinal protection made up of overlapping movable plates, solid but flexible and able to follow the body’s every movement.


In 2000 Dainese presented the first motorcycle airbag, the biggest revolution in the history of protection. D-air® made its race debut in 2007 and quickly became an indispensable tool in the performance of champions and the safety of everyone. It features an intelligent system, a control unit that recognizes the dynamics of an accident in advance to activate the inflation of the bag when it’s needed, a shield to protect vital parts.


Since 2003, metal protectors on the shoulders, elbows and knees of Valentino Rossi’s suit have been innovating race clothing. The metal slides on the asphalt in the event of a fall, to dissipate as much of the impact as possible and prevent dangerous rolling or twisting of limbs. Unlike plastic, it doesn’t melt and can stand up to the extremely high temperatures caused by friction against the ground.


The Axial Distortion Control System arrived in 2002 and enhanced the IN boot with a sophisticated carbon fiber brace, a step forward in ankle protection that still hasn’t been improved on to this day. The lower section and shin guard connect through a joint that can guide the joint movement, allowing it only on the longitudinal axis.


Having the boot inside the suit subverted established practice and once again represented a decisive step forward in motorcycle rider safety and performance. This drastic, innovative solution results in a suit-boot combination that’s lighter, leaner, more aerodynamic, resistant to twisting, and free of points where external objects can catch.


The innovative Pro-Armor protective technology emerged in 2016 and, as at other points in Dainese history, was inspired by the natural world. Pro-Armor employs fractal geometry, nature’s language for creating complex structures. Pro-Armor comes in the form of various different protectors and achieves the perfect balance of safety and breathability, with a 47% perforated surface.


The back hump arrived in 1988, renewing professional riders’ suits to increase the protection provided by the back protector. Its additional aerodynamic benefits are soon appreciated, with development continuing in that direction. Today’s humps are packed with technology. They actually contain the airbag’s electronic control unit, the brain of D-air®.


Dainese invented the concept of protectors, after years when suits were simply shaped pieces of leather. They made the first composite protectors, made of a hard shell shaped to match the body part involved and padded internally with foam rubber. Since then, this pairing of materials has guaranteed the perfect combination of impact dissipation and absorption.


In 1981, Dainese supported the new style of riding with knee to the ground and invented the first slider in history. It was called istrice (porcupine) due to its particular shape and was soon followed by a leather development, and then more made of plastic. Only because of this innovation do professional riders race the way that we all know today on the track.


Dainese gloves were made with rigid protectors on the back, knuckles and phalanges to protect Max Biaggi’s hands in 1995, a revolution in hand safety. The glove later develops through the integration of titanium plates, which help to aid sliding on the asphalt in case of impact against the ground, technology also applied by Dainese to suits.


After motorcycling, skiing and mountain biking, Dainese innovates and brings protection to the world of sailing. Sea-Guard is a lightweight, ergonomic jacket designed to keep sailors safe and for flotation in case of falling overboard. Together, Dainese Sea-Guard and Emirates Team New Zealand are two-time winners of the America’s Cup, the most prestigious competition in the world of sailing.


Dainese looks to the skies to keep astronauts safe. Bio Suit is a prototype developed with MIT Boston that aims to replace traditional pneumatically pressurized suits with mechanical body pressurization for less bulk and greater freedom of movement. Skin Suit, developed with the European Space Agency, is already in use to protect the human body for extended periods of weightlessness.


After revolutionizing the world of motorcycling, D-air® overhauled the concept of protection also in the world of skiing. Since 2015, downhill and super-G athletes have been wearing D-air® Ski, intelligent protection that can detect the dynamics of a fall and activate in time, before the fall itself. A control unit causes that bag to inflate, becoming a shield to protect the torso, collarbones, and shoulders of skiers.


The Dainese story, 50 years of protection with which to dare.