Dainese and D-AIR LAB deliver the first safety jackets

During an event at the D-AIR LAB headquarters in Vicenza, the first 20 D-air® jackets were delivered to Enel. These jackets will be tested in the field over the next few months by operators from Enel's Renewable, Distribution and Generation business lines.

This special safety jacket was developed out of Dainese technology that protects great MotoGP and skiing champions like Valentino Rossi and Matthias Mayer, just to name a few. D-AIR LAB took the lead on the project, working in collaboration with expert occupational medicine doctors and professors at Alma Mater University and Sant'Orsola Polyclinic in Bologna, basing the work on specific requirements outlined by Enel technicians.

By using the jacket, operators will be guaranteed maximum protection in the event of a fall from a height of less than 2 meters (6.5 feet) when a harness is not required. The jacket will also protect against the effects of pendulum impact when operators are working higher up and the use of a harness is mandatory. The D-air® system is equipped with three accelerometers and three gyroscopes that send a continuous stream of data for the electronics on the device to analyze. A sophisticated algorithm on the device is able to identify fall conditions and activate inflation in a matter of milliseconds, significantly reducing the probability of physical injury following impact. The standard of safety goes above and beyond legal requirements, which is consistent with the mission of the Dainese Group in its quest for continuous innovation that puts technology at the disposal of human beings.

MotoGP World Champion Loris Capirossi, who is now Dorna's representative in Race Direction, was the guest star at the event. Capirossi demonstrated how the airbag system works and personally delivered the safety jackets to the Enel technicians present. He said,

"Safety has evolved. As riders, we were the first to introduce D-air® technology to racing suits alongside Dainese. We have continued developing it over the years, and it works very well. So, the time has come to take this technology to the work environment, given it has been used on the road and has been made available to touring riders. Riders can potentially fall off their motorcycles, but it is reassuring to know that D-air® is there to protect you. The same can be said for operators, and I really think this will give them a great advantage."

The Enel safety jacket project is just one part of an extensive development program in which D-AIR LAB works alongside major companies and exceptional partners to apply D-air® airbag technology to various areas of action, including safety in the workplace, support for the elderly and individuals suffering from medical conditions who are at risk of falling, and protecting children in cars.

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