“Last year was great fun, riding with Mark and getting to know the whole team. For me the very first World Cup of the year seeing Mark place 2nd was a massive highlight and great for the team’s very first race. Then our first win in Andorra, we took out Team of the Day and everyone was up on the podium, that was special.

After 2nd overall last year there is one more spot to the top for me and to get a few World Cup wins would be amazing.”



The Armoform concept defines a new generation of hardshell protective gear. The hard polyethylene shell used in Armoform is precedent setting for its ability to dissipate shock over a wider area, to slide across a crash surface and to prevent ‘piercing’, leading to less injury from sharp objects like rocks and branches as well as world class protection at high speed. The fractal scaling reticulation defines a supportive ribbing, with thicker pattern in high impact zones and tapered near the edges for mobility and flexibility.

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