Full Cleaning Service Leather Suit


€ 199,00
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Full Cleaning Service Leather Suit



€ 199,00

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This service involves specialist cleaning of leathersuit’s leather cover and sanitization of interior with nourishing leather treatment. The cost includes expenses for picking the garment up and sending it back after cleaning.
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    This "leather garment renewal" service is dedicated to all those who want to renew their Dainese leather garment, entrusting it to the care and experience of our technicians and professional craftsmen.
    Specifically, the service involves specialist cleaning of the leather cover, sanitization of the interior and nourishing leather treatment. The cost includes expenses for picking the garment up and sending it back after cleaning.

    This service, offered by Dainese, IS NOT a laundry service. This is a craft, leather-care treatment which thoroughly cleans and nourishes it.

    Our service is intended for used leather garments, which have a “life experience” that can be extended over time if maintained appropriately. The result of the treatment is inevitably affected by the condition of the garments when they are sent and how they have been kept over time. This will not make your leathers like new!

    Once Dainese has seen the leather garment cleaning service request via your order on our dainese.com website, the Dainese Consumer Care Team will contact you and provide you with a label for a courier in order to send the garment to the Dainese After Sales center in Italy.
    Please make sure you remove and keep your knee sliders, we cannot guarantee they will be with the garment on return. We will not be liable for mis-placed knee sliders.
    On average, the garment will be sent back to you within four working weeks. If, however, the garment requires additional repairs we will provide you with a no-obligation quote which you can accept or reject. A new timeline for the return will also be included in the quote.

    Service includes: - Postage To and From our specialist center in Italy - Inspection for suitability of Regeneration & any repairs that may be needed. - Full Leather care treatment - Sanitisation of the Interior lining Service does not include: - Any work needed in terms of stitching or replacement panel - Replacement of Knee Sliders, elbow or shoulder plates etc.
    Please note: Our facility is closed for three weeks in August and 2 weeks over the Christmas holiday period, any items sent or being processed in this time will be subject to additional processing time.
    Dainese reserves the right to reject, or return unrenewed, garments sent in critical hygiene conditions, in particular with mold, bloodstains or residual dirt that has thoroughly penetrated the leather and stitching.
    The Service is only offered for all-leather items, not mixed fabrics (no leather/fabric, no split leather inserts).
    In case it is not possible to do the service because of the conditions of the garment (for example because the garment presents damages related to very large areas resulting in the safety of the product being compromised; or the garment went through any form of tampering and/or alteration or any change not authorised by Dainese; or the garment is not technically repairable; or the garment has reached an extreme level of wear so much that the eventual cleaning might cause extra damage) Dainese will send back the garment to the customer WITHOUT FULFILLING THE SERVICE ORIGINALLY REQUESTED and the expenses related to the service “Product Ispection” (i.e. shipping from/to the customer + technical evaluation) will be withheld.