A three week-long Grand Prix

A triple header. A three week long Grand Prix, Japan-Australia-Malaysia.

Almost one month of consecutive races where anything can happen, including a close encounter with the tarmac. Something unpredictable (yet always possible), and always planned by the professionals who ride above the limit.

How do you handle this in terms of protection? The answer is by being organized. On every racetrack, there is a Dainese service point. Their job is to make sure the champions’ gear is always performing perfectly.

For quite a few years now, ex-rider Maurizio Vitali (often seen at Valentino Rossi’s side) is in charge of all AGV helmets.

Two victories in a Grand Prix, seven podiums in the 125 class from 1981 to 1985: Vitali knows how to best prepare the AGV helmets for his proteges. Heat, rain or any unforseen weather circumstances (like at the Japan GP), do not scare Maurizio. He manages to prepare each helmet to defeat any extreme climate or weather condition.

Vitali’s counterpart, Stefano Corte does the same for the pilots suits. Besides making sure that D-air® systems work flawlessly, Stefano also uses a special drier which runs around the clock to ensure each suit is fresh and perfect condition for every pilot, every session. Max, Valentino’s right hand man for anything concerning his gear, knows how crucial of a role Dainese/AGV racing support team plays at each round. Being able to rely not only on the Dainese’s technology and innovation, each team is able to count on the years of experience and racing support that help each pilot perform at the utmost level.

By Paolo Scalera

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