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Speciale Project

The "Speciale" project

The "Speciale" project is the result of the now consolidated partnership with MrMartini, the renowned international motorbike customisation brand, with which Dainese shares the values of Italian spirit, passion, craftsmanship, and the capability of creating unique and distinguishing products. "Speciale" is the translation of MrMartini's café in Verona with the same name - which is today a meeting point for all those who share the passion for two wheels - located to the side of the lab where Nicola Martini brings his creations to life.

The jacket

Speciale Leather Jacket is a full grain cowhide street jacket, dyed in a vat and subjected to a particular wax based finish for a distinguishing look. It brings together Italian flavour and the unmatched Dainese know-how in terms of style, fit and protection. The wax treatment contributes to the main characteristic of the jacket, the "pull up" effect, which makes each and every item of clothing unique and more precious as time goes by. The jacket features removable certified Dainese Pro-Armor protection on shoulders and elbows, and also has a back protector pouch. The collection is completed by life-style garments such as the Speciale Sweatshirt and the Speciale T-shirt, which both feature the distinguishing drawing of the "Speciale" project.

The bike

The jewel in the crown of the collaboration of the two Italian brands is the Diavoletto prototype. Created starting from a Zaeta 530 dt with the addition of unique details, such as the saddle made of the same leather as the jacket with a "tuck and roll" e ect, the motorbike speaks the same language as the jacket, expressing the same passion for the two wheels. A completely Italian style, and the art of "knowing how" to create a product that appears vintage, but is at the same time technologically advanced.