Dainese Anniversario - 115 years of passion

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Speed on two wheels demands courage, technique and skill, but it can never be without risk. Dainese has been a driving force and enabler in the amazing art of performance motorcycling since the seventies (1972). It has made an exponential increase in the amount of performance that is possible, combining the passion of riders with a single mission: TO PROTECT THEM.


Dainese has always been steered by a ceaseless quest for perfection that is by definition impossible, since the goal is “total protection”, which means the mission is never-ending.
This explains why MotoGP is the perfect laboratory to pursue the elusive goal of safety. Tests conducted here result in Dainese being in the unique position to extend its technology to other dynamic sports, from skiing to mountain biking and horse riding, and creating the future – now in the present – with the D-Air® airbag.


AGV (1947) has been pursuing this same goal for seventy years, protecting riders’ heads with product lines ranging from the “pudding basin” of the fifties to the helmet system of today.
Two brands, one mission and the same determination to invent tomorrow. Two Italian powerhouses who have made motorcycling history. 115 years of combined experience and passion celebrating a dedicated collection today. Because the future needs to know its past.


Our History

Inspired by humans

Inspired by humans

Innovation and protection since 1972.


storie di passione

Rise and Win

"If you think you will achieve anything in life without blood, sweat and tears, then you are wrong."


storie di passione

The “Speciale” Project

MrMartini is a brand made out of sheer passion, dedication, research and unique creativity.