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Glove made completely in cowhide for the greatest sensitivity. One fundamental characteristic is the Techno™ technology on the knuckles and fingers.
Palm and index finger reinforcement in cowhide.
Primaloft® One padding. Wrist fastening with strap.

Techno™ technology developed by Dainese® applied to gloves consists in the application of thermoformed protective elements inside the fabric itself without stitching or overlapping applications. The gloves that employ this technological innovation feature protectors on the back of the hand near the knuckles.
It is commonly known that the most serious injury to the hand occurs when the back of the hand hits the ground hard. In cases where this technology is not applied, rigid/semi rigid plates are applied in these critical areas and fastened by stitching. The presence of extensive stitching significantly weakens the glove’s structure, however, and stitching can break at the moment of fall, the rigid plates can slide out, and the protective effect is lost.
The purpose of Techno technology is to eliminate these problems at the start through a production process that uses a mould and a base element that receives a first portion of the fabric and then one or more protective elements. This mould is subsequently closed through the exertion of heated pressure and then cooled, after which the second portion of fabric is applied. The big advantage here is that the back of the glove is made in a single piece without stitching for greater strength.
Patent No. PCT EP1408782 B.



  • Material


    Palm with laser working

    Micro-Bemberg™ liner

  • Performance shock

    Techno technology on back of hand and fingers patent no. PCT EP1408782 B)

  • Protectors against abrasion

    Palm in cowhide

  • Ergonomics

    Cuff with strap

  • Temperature adjustment

    Primaloft® internal padding

  • General features

    Safety cord

  • Functionality

    Index finger reinforcement for easier ski boot removal

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