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Dainese’ experience in the world of protection has led to the creation of innovative riding trousers, capable of combining performance and comfort at maximum levels, characterised by the presence of an innovative protection system in Crash Absorb. This water-repellent viscoelastic nitrile rubber is designed and used especially by D-Tec® (Dainese Technology Center) in areas which require increased protection against possible impacts: hips, coccyx and knees. The use of this special state-of-the-art viscoelastic material makes it possible to achieve excellent levels of safety without the need for hard shells to distribute impacts. In this way protection can be segmented without affecting the capacity to protect the body from knocks. Its hexagonal shape guarantees maximum efficiency in terms of coverage (with the possibility to generate closed surfaces) and mobility (6 sides, mobility through axes of 30°, 90° and 150°). The composition of the hexagons in composite figures makes it possible to design a protective system that offers mobility (and therefore less protection) only where necessary. Made entirely of Schoeller® Prestige, a highly breathable, fast drying, two-way stretch fabric, which retains its shape even after prolonged use. The inner knee is characterised by reinforcement in Lorica® with applications in silicone that guarantee unequalled grip of the saddle. The bottom of the leg features a Lycra® stirrup ending with a piece of elastic lined with a fine strip of silicone which guarantees that it will not ride up inside the boot during sporting activity. Particular attention has been devoted to the rear stitching, with the use of Nylon HT thread accompanied by an inner tape, all to guarantee maximum hold under all circumstances. The garment is completed with the Tra-in® button on the waistband to prevent the trousers from opening accidentally.


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