Valentino Rossi and AGV design the most attractive MotoGP helmets


During the Italian GP 2011 at Mugello, Valentino Rossi showed off a new helmet with original graphics to fans: a large eyeball with his own blue pupil.

The helmet, which was produced in collaboration with Aldo Drudi's studio, has a double meaning: the first is "look out because Mugello can hurt you", referring to the accident that changed his luck in the last MotoGP season, while the second meaning is "watch out because sooner or later things will turn around".

Naturally, the image was processed by computer and the Italian flag was then added, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, together with a photo of Valentino's dogs, taken by Vale himself.

Valentino states with enthusiasm: "Mugello has always represented a very special appointment for a thousand reasons, and producing this helmet was a great idea, in line with our way of doing things!"

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