New tests at Wengen for D-air® Ski


D-Tec, the Dainese Research & Development Department, has prepared an evolution of the D-air® Ski system that was presented at Val Gardena for testing at Wengen. This system has been modified following information provided by skiersduring tests. This version of D-air® Ski features significant modifications to the fabric jacket and the airbag has a different shape to improve comfort and give the skier more freedom of movement.


The tasks involved in fine-tuning will continue with the aim of introducing further refinements during the course of the season regarding the back protector and the electronics.


Dainese confirms their unconditional commitment to D-air® Ski and thanks the FIS and national federations who have also confirmed their support. This will allow D-air® Ski to become the starting point for further projects dedicated to skier safety.


The work involved in perfecting the D-air® system will continue mostly with skiers from the Italian, Austrian, Swiss, American and Canadian ski federations who, over the past three years, have given their feedback to the development of the product approved in November by the FIS Council for all FIS Alpine Ski races including World Cup events from January 1, 2015. A great step forward for the safety of skiers in the future.


“I have been involved with the project since the very beginning, since when the idea of an airbag for ski-racing seemed almost impossible. But we knew that Dainese had a clear understanding of the necessary steps to make the D-air a reality in skiing as they had developed it already for motorcycle racing. After many tests and prototype developments, the new prototype was presented which fit under the current regulations for back protection and I am delighted to see it approved for all Alpine competitions.”, commented Günther Hujara, FIS Technical Expert.


“I am very pleased with the continued cooperation between the athletes and Dainese in developing the D-air®, especially now that the focus has moved towards the final adaptations - providing the right protection but also the best possible fit and comfort to the athletes in a racing environment. As in the past, we will continue to encourage teams to test the D-air® during training runs and should an athlete decide to use it in competition he will be welcome to do so at any point this season.”, Chief Race Director Markus Waldner added.


Reflecting the spirit of the agreement between Dainese and the FIS, which clearly states that safety should be available for everyone, D-air® Ski can now be adopted by skiers belonging to federations in whose pools Dainese are not present.


The "special conditions" are still being defined. No exclusives of any type have been given and the systems will all be the same except naturally for sizes and graphics if applicable.


Following the last tests which will take place in Wengen, further systems will be produced for skiers belonging to other federations to test for any differences in skier comfort in relation to the race suits used by differing national federations which often present significant differences in elasticity.


Marco Pastore, the Sponsoring and Federation Relationship Manager: “I believe it is vital to stress that in Val Gardena we are using a D-air® Ski system that complies with the 45mm thickness standard. From the technical point of view it has been very challenging also given the very limited time available. We knew from the start that there was still work to do as regards ergonomics. For that reason, we weren't too surprised by the feedback information the skiers gave us. Needless to say, we wasted no time in introducing modifications to the D-air Ski system that we are bringing to Wengen. These are the first responses to observations made in Val Gardena and others will follow with further refinements that will be introduced during the course of the season.”

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