Aksel Lund Svindal is the new Olympic Champion of Super Gigante. After the silver in downhill, Aksel found the strength to do it again, or rather, do better, in the second speed test on agenda. His victory is the out come of a practically perfect race, he attacked the slope right from the start, but with a clear mind, skiing light enough on such a difficult snow, too soft because of the warm temperature, and on a course full of very complex passages. In the end his advantage over the others proved how he was the only one to really make the difference, given the minimum spreads that decided the medals. As in past years, Aksel showed he is always ready at the right time and knows how to perfectly program the season for the events that really count. We have to stress the fact that the race was decided on photo finishes, and the first to pay the cost was Werner Heel: he missed a bronze medal by just 2 hundredths of a second, a very worthy fourth place that is unquestionably a great performance but also a delusion for those few centimetres that separated him from the podium.
The same result, but with a different flavour, for Johanna Schnarf. He was a great and unexpected surprise, if we think that he wasn’t even meant to be selected and instead, for just 11 hundredths he could not climb the podium, happy and satisfied to see his name among the greats of this Olympics.

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