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19 July 2004 | News

Superstitious gestures don't always bring good luck, especially during a Sachsenring GP Motorcycle race. Just ask Manuel Poggiali.
The good-luck charm of always wearing the same pair of boots didn't work for the San Marino champ this time.
Despite the fact that like all Dainese pilots Manuel has at least four complete sets of technical gear (in his case, a suit, gloves, boots and spine guard), the pilot chose to continue wearing the same pair of boots he'd had on since the first race of the season!
This superstitious gesture seriously compromised Manuel's racing skills that day and so he missed his usual appointment with the finish line.
As tests and years of using the D-Axial boot have shown, the problem Poggiali had with his footwear was in no way attributable to their fabrication but purely to the fact that he'd worn them to bits!
The soles of Poggiali's boots are made of the same material used by other Motorcycle GP pilots Rossi, Biaggi, Bayliss and Byrne, who all subject their boots to the same pressure on the foot-rest and even greater stress than Manuel ever faces in the 250 cc Class, and their boots never played tricks like his.
This little episode just goes to show how important it is to always keep your riding gear in top shape. Stuff superstition! That goes for the everybody, champions included.