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17 September 2007 | News

D-Club member Antonello Caliendo tells us about the Grand Prix race that he saw from his armchair. Would you like to give us your take on the race? Click here !

Antonello Caliendo

Valentino Rossi has finally returned to victory. Casey Stoner jumped out into the lead at the start with Hayden, Pedrosa, Rossi, Melandri, and Hopkins behind him. At the 7th lap, Pedrosa took command, meaning that this race had just begun and that the outcome is far from sure. No match point for Stoner today. At the 10th lap, Rossi breaks into the lead, and is followed by Pedrosa, Stoner and Hayden, who begins riding harder to catch up to the leaders. Note that 3 out of the 4 at the front are using Michelin tires. As usual, Rossi wins when he sees that his adversary’s tires are shot by the way that the bike begins to wobble. The final two laps are spectacular as Stoner tries to get back into the race. It was also nice seeing Hayden again, fighting to the bitter end. He’d started to look like history, but then…...
Hats off to the winner, and let’s hope that no match point is served next race, either. Or….why not? Perhaps by someone else!