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22 March 2005 | News

With the first official time trials in Catalunya, Barcelona, out of the way and the Jerez de la Frontera tests scheduled to start in just a few hours, it's already time to give the Dainese Team pilots their first scores.
In the highest engine class, Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi score top grades by showing that they're already tremendously strong, even if the winner of the BMW Series 1 up for grabs as the Sunday March 20 super-pole position prize fell to the hands of lightning-quick Sete Gibernau. Nonetheless, the two Dainese champs proved that they have the cards in hand to race as this season's stars.
Roman Max dominated the entire week-end of testing only to miss the chance to race for the best super-pole time owing to a minor malfunction in his official Honda's electrical system. Despite the fact that Valentino has yet to reach complete symbiosis with his Yamaha M1, he succeeded in getting the most out of his bike and give a good fight to the RC211 ridden by Sete, who appears to have just a little bit more on the ball at the moment than the reigning World Champion. We're expecting some serious sparks to fly come April 8.
In the 250 Class, the apparent ease with which Daniel Pedrosa blew by his adversaries looks like the prelude to an extremely satisfying season for the Iberian racer. Dani was followed by Jorge Lorenzo (only 4th best time at the end of the Irta di Barcellona trials but always one of the best of the pack for constancy in performance) and Simone Corsi, like Lorenzo a newcomer to the 250 Class but one who already looks fairly at ease astride his Aprilia.
In 125 cc competition, the youngest take all: Thomas Luthi and Marco Simoncelli came in 2nd and 3rd respectively with Pablo Nieto finishing 7th.
For now, we can only say "See you in April!" to Manuel Poggiali (11th), Federico Sandi (20th) and Nicola Terol (25th ) but with the San Marino ace seated firmly in the saddle of his Gilera, we can be sure that revenge will not be long in coming!