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27 September 2007 | News

Antonello Caliendo, D-Club member

This is Loris Capirossi’s third win here at Motegi. Loris the King of Japan, but Casey Stoner is playing his match ball for the world championship with three races to go. Ducati ironically wins on the track owned by Honda where the host is always particularly keen on making a good show. This was a great day for Italy after first winning the 250 Class title with Aprilia, the motoGp championship with Stoner and the day’s race with Loris Capirossi. Daniel Pedrosa took off like a lightning bolt at the start together with Hayden and West, even if the Australian will be obliged to make a "ride through" by jumping the gun. The wet track obliges the choice of hard mix rain tires, but as so often happens, the asphalt dried out after only a few laps. Valentino Rossi is 7th, while Stoner quickly succeeds in claiming second place.
At the fifth lap, Marco Melandri passes Stoner and Rossi can do nothing but watch and wait for his chance to attack. Then everyone decides to change steed. Hayden is first and Guintoli second, followed by Elias, De Puniet and Loris Capirossi. With the bikes set for a dry track, things change dramatically as demonstrated by Guintoli, who is certainly no lightning bolt, and Rossi succeeds in making his comeback.
Stoner and then Melandri, but Casey’s dream only lasts one lap as Capirossi kills it with faster and faster times. Meanwhile, Stoner decides to change bike and Pedrosa falls, while Rossi decides to change motorcycle only at the last minute. Capirossi is still in the lead followed by De Puniet and Elias. Something goes wrong with Rossi’ avantreno, and Val decides to go back to his box after a straightaway, and the battle for the 2007 MotoGP championship ends here. Stoner is the champ even if he only takes 6th place this time because these are the only points he needs. For those who don’t remember, the reigning world champion is Hayden, who only comes in 9th. He stops immediately to congratulate the new No. 1 in a fine display of sportsmanship. Valentino Rossi finished 13th. In the end, Capirossi will go to Suzuki, De Puniet will go to Honda, Elias and Guintoli will go together to the Team D'antin while Melandri will keep Stoner company next year.
Ducati wins the title with Stoner; the last Italian constructor to win the honor was MV. From there on in, the Japanese took over. People still hope to see an Italian bike win the MotoGP title with an Italian rider in the saddle, but that’ll be another story.