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19 July 2004 | News

Biaggi's big win at the Sachsenring sparks 1000 cc Championship competition alive. The Roman champ won one of the best races in recent years, first passing a Valentino Rossi with tire trouble and then withstanding attack from a super-swift Barros hounding his heels.
Add this to Sete Gibernau's spill and you've got a new World Championship ranking with Valentino Rossi still in the lead by a microscopic one point over Max Biaggi.
The next two races (on tracks where Max has always performed) could turn things completely around as this season continues delivering the stiff competition it promised from the start.

In the 250 class, a giant Daniel Pedrosa ground his adversaries to dust and won the race hands down (or up in the air, actually) to show once again that he's really the only man to beat.
In just one day - in addition to keeping Aprilia from its 100th win in 250 cc competition - Daniel brought home 25 big points for a hefty slice of the World Championship cake.

In 125 competition, Pablo Nieto took third place on the winners' stand by passing Dovizioso on the final curve. Tough luck for Simoncelli, who failed to see the yellow flag and was penalised 15 precious seconds that would have carried him to the stand's highest step.

World Championship motorcycle racing now heads to England where a record turnout of spectators is expected to watch Rossi and Biaggi battle for the top spot in the GP standings.