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15 November 2004 | News

Maybe the people who say "give him wheels and a motor, and then expect the unexpected" were right.
The circus riding tricks, the magic act, and the miracles we've grown used to seeing whenever he straddles a bike might just be something entirely different from rally-winning jumps and counter-steering.
The fact is that Prince Valentino Rossi of Tavullia challenged hostile atmospheric conditions and opponents just to entertain his hometown fans and have some fun himself
Once again, Dainese was at his side…even in the racing car!
For thisccasion, Valentino wore a special racing suit that could obviously be no other colour than yellow.
Other stars from the past and present were also on hand: Kevin Schwantz, who participated in both the supermotard race and the rally, Dovizioso, McRae, Capirossi and perennial legends Agostani and Surtees (the only pilot in history to ever win in both motorcycle and F1 racing).
The big attraction on the rally circuit was the mythic Marco Lucchinelli, who was ready with one of trademark pearls of wisdom at the end: "Great races, especially the rally: supermotard competition is more dangerous. Just think of Biaggi, what if instead of competing he'd gone running after the women like me?"
History, good times, and a pinch of competitive racing action enlivened the city of Pesaro that day, and the town needed no other excuse to celebrate the glory of its hometown hero once again.