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"Beat Valentino" competition results

24 December 2002 | News

After the chronometical response, anyone is been able to beat Valetino's best lap time. So, unfortunately, anyone has won the Valentino's Replica signed short jacket!
Here the ten winner names who adjudicate themselves the fantastic Daniese's prizes and will be contact by Dainese's staff.
Final standing:

1st prize: 01.28,64 Björn Walzak
2nd prize: 01.28,78 Frank Gliese
3rd prize: 01.28,85 Norbert Pflügler

4th - 01.29,83 Giuliani Silvano
5th - 01.30,45 Marc Dongus
6th - 01.30,82 Daniel Lonirato
7th - 01.31,16 Klaus Plotz
8th - 01.31,64 Stefan Kittel
9th - 01.31,74 Daniel Seifert
10th - 01.31,97 Klaus Roth
General final ranking (pdf file).