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D-air Racing has attained TÜV SÜD standardisation

The system went through more than 800 single tests.
TÜV SÜD has developped a new, more appropriate procedure before subjecting the D-air® Racing system to a long series of tests that went far beyond existing standards for personal protective devices.
Which is why all the D-air® Racing data we provide does't come from estimates or conjecture but has been measured and proven with the rigour for which TÜV SÜD is renowned.


Protection standards
D-air® Racing has passed the motorcycle personal protective motorcycle equipment tests as regards both the current European standards and the prEN 1621.4:

PPE directive 89/686/EEC
EN 1621.1 local protectors
EN 1621.2 back protectors
prEN1621.4 airbag protectors

Triggering algorithm test (Functional safety assessment)
The algorithm was tested to check its ability to identify the fingerprint of all relevant crash scenarios and verify its robustness against unwanted inflation for all possible voluntary movements.

Electronic safety and system test
The D-air® hardware underwent the following tests to establish its reliability in critical conditions:

  • Electromagnetic radiation and compatibility: D-air does not interfere with other electronic devices in accordance with Automotive standards.
  • Electromagnetic and electrostatic immunity: the operation of the D-air® system is not affected by electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices.
  • Electrical insulation: the system does not transmit electric shocks to the rider's body.
  • Climatic tests: waterproofness to IP54, humidity resistance and repeated thermal cycles.
  • Vibration test.
  • Drop test

Pneumatic system tests (airbag + gas generator)

  • Ageing: the system undergoes hundreds of hours' temperature cycling and thermal shocking.
  • Salt spray test: the system is sprayed with saline solution to consider human perspiration.
  • Dust test: the system is exposed to strong currents of dust-laden air.
  • Vibration test: the system is subjected to strong vibrations.
  • Drop test: the system is as robust as any conventional racing leathers.

Chemical compatibility tests
Ensure that the materials used are not hazardous to health in accordance with current standards.

Battery tests
Test that the batteries meet current international safety standards.

Interference/Controllability tests
Static dummy tests: the system is triggered while the rider's head is in the maximum tilted position to ensure that D-air® Racing's high speed inflation does not cause undesirable recoil reactions, pain or a dazed feeling.
Dynamic tests: the system is triggered remotely and unexpectedly while the rider has to perform a complicated riding task. The rider must control the situation at all times.
Acoustic safety test: even without ear protection, the noise during inflation is innocuous.
D-air® Racing passed every test and is the first Motorcycle-airbag system certified by TÜV SÜD.