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Valentino brought the MotoGP season to an early end at the 15th race with the mathematical certainty of winning the title. He was hard to reach even on the racetrack as well: with his effort this year, Val showed everybody that he’s still Number One in the game. Leaving the Motegi starting grid from 4th place with Dani Pedrosa out in front didn’t appear to pose any problem for the champ from Tavullia. He began battling his closest rivals Casey Stoner and Daniel Pedrosa from the fifth lap on. Val was third, and could even claim the title with a 3rd place finish, but this is not a guy who settles for seconds, much less thirds. He’s a fighter, so he gets on their heels, watches carefully, and in just a few moves slides past them both. He takes the lead all the way to the finish line. Val wins. Val is the World’s Champion once again.
At the end of the race, he celebrates the win with one of his trademark gags. A notary sits behind a desk at the side of the track, waiting to give him a helmet that makes this 8th World Title official. Val himself says the title is the fruit of the effort of a team that played to perfection. 
Motegi turned out to be a glorious occasion for two other Dainese team flag-bearers: Marco Simoncelli and Stefan Bradl both won the races in their 250 cc and 125 cc classes respectively. For SuperSic this weekend was just filled with triumph!

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